Loudoun’s latest Wendy’s restaurant opens its doors

A new Wendy’s drive-thru restaurant has opened for business in Loudoun County. It is located at the V-shaped parcel of land where Loudoun County Parkway and Arcola Mills Drive meet.

That’s the same small retail and business development with a Sheetz gas station, an IHOP, and an Aldi supermarket.

The new restaurant opened its doors on Wednesday, July 13. The building features the latest Wendy’s look — with prominent red and grey features, wood-like shiplap walls, and lots of big glass windows.

Many of you may have noticed work going on at other Wendy’s locations around Loudoun County and elsewhere. That’s because there is a big push nationwide to update the look of the chain.

While the old-fashioned brick walls are still there at many of them, the facades are getting new materials covering over portions, as well as new windows and new rooflines.

For regulars in the Loudoun County Parkway/Highway 50 area, you may have noted another commercial building going up right by the new Wendy’s. That is going to be a new Advance Auto Parts store.