Crowds enjoying new Shake Shack at Udvar-Hazy Center

Lines have been stretching out the door at the new Shake Shack location in the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center off State Road 28. The new restaurant opened a few weeks back on the upper floor of the museum.

The popular hamburger and milkshake chain has taken over the former McDonald’s location in Udvar-Hazy. The restaurant is the main food purveyor for the thousands of hungry visitors who come each week.

The Burn first reported on Shake Shack’s plans back in March. It’s the closest location to Loudoun County — the next two nearest locations are in Tysons and Merrifield in Fairfax County.

Theoretically, anyone can pop in for a burger and crinkle fries — the museum is free to enter and open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day. The only catch is the $15 parking fee.

You can see the Udvar-Hazy Shake Shack menu below.


  1. Gulu 6 days ago

    Do you have to pay to the $15 if you are only going to shake shack?

  2. L Wilson 5 days ago

    Didn’t they used to have a thirty minute or a one hour free parking window of time at Udvar-Hazy? Is that now gone? Also, this Shake Shack brand is known for what I’ll call cook-to-order burgers, meaning that you order hasn’t started cooking on the grill until you paid your money. At the other Shake Shack locations I have experienced they do just fine but it takes much more time to receive your order than at a fast food location. It makes me wonder how a very high volume place like Udvar-Hazy can keep up, it might be a “less fresh” experience–but still better than McD’s.

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