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High-end auto dealer sets up shop in Ashburn

Sometimes it seems Ashburn is a mix of money and modesty. For every million-dollar home or steak place offering $75 ribeyes, there’s an IHOP or a McDonald’s.

But sometimes Ashburn can’t help but lean in on the luxury. That’s the case with a car dealership that opened in May on Russell Branch Parkway near Topgolf.

It’s the new home of the Exclusive Automotive Group, the region’s only vendor of Aston Martins and Bentleys, as well as super car brands Koenigsegg and Karma.

New cars start in the $150,000 range and go up from there, passing the half a million mark for a custom-built vehicle shipped from Europe. Regardless of the size of their pocketbook, even an average car enthusiast can’t help but be wowed by some of these stunning vehicles.

Ashburn Magazine interviewed founding partner Bill Shawn about why the dealership chose Ashburn, the features at its new facility along Route 7, and what it’s like selling cars that many folks dream about. Click here to read the full story and interview.

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