Ashburn’s upcoming ThaiTastic Thai Cuisine shares menu online

The Burn has been telling you about a new Thai restaurant headed to Ashburn. It’s called ThaiTastic Thai Cuisine and now we’ve got a preview of its upcoming menu.

Regular readers may remember that ThaiTastic is coming to a small space in the Ashbrook Commons shopping plaza.

That’s the same center with the Harris Teeter, the HomeGoods, the Jersey Mike’s and other businesses near Ashburn Village Boulevard and Route 7.

The new restaurant’s nascent website is active and includes a look at the ThaiTastic menu. Signature dishes include some with fun names:

  • Seafood in Wonderland – seafood stir fried with mixed vegetables in a sweet chili sauce
  • Coconut Paradise – seafood in a special curry sauce with bell peppers and basil leaves served in a young coconut
  • Lava Chicken – lightly battered chicken stir fried with sweet chili sauce and topped with scallions and carrots
  • Crying Tiger – Thai-style chargrilled beef marinated with Thai herbs, thinly sliced and served with mixed steamed vegetables and a homemade chili sauce

There are a variety of other signature dishes as well, plus curry dishes, rice dishes, soup, salads, appetizers, desserts and more.

Construction is underway on the space, but so far, no official opening date. But a peek at the menu gives us all something to look forward to.

(Image at top: ThaiTastic Thai Cuisine)

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  1. Martha S Gerstein 5 months ago

    As a former copy editor, I cringe whenever I read menus that have typos and, not surprisingly, many of them are for restaurants where the owners are presumably not speaking English as their first language. Is there anything I can do to help stop these menus from appearing in public before they are properly proofed? When I was still employed, I joked that in retirement, my job would be free-lance menu editing.

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