Altos de Jalisco is open for business in Ashburn

A new Mexican restaurant The Burn has been telling you about for more than a year is finally open for business. It’s name is Altos de Jalisco and you can find it in the Ashbrook Commons shopping center.

That’s the Harris Teeter-anchored plaza at Route 7 and Ashburn Village Boulevard that is also home to HomeGoods and the Ashburn Village Inn.

The permanent sign isn’t up out front yet, but a banner has been hung that proclaims the restaurant is “now open.”

Inside, there’s a full bar on one side and a dining room with the prerequisite leather bedecked chairs on the other.

This is the second Altos de Jalisco location. There is one in Winchester also.

If you’re wondering about the name, here’s how the brand’s website defines it: “Los Altos de Jalisco, or the Jalisco’s Highlands, are a geographic and cultural region in the eastern part of the Mexican State of Jalisco, famed as a bastion of Mexican culture, cradling traditions from Tequila production to Charrería equestrianism.”