Fun graffito-style sign goes up for Rai’s Pour House in Sterling

Opening day for Rai’s Pour House in Sterling is getting closer. A funky sign, similar in style to tagging done on walls around urban streetscapes, was installed this week over the door of the future restaurant and bar.

Rai’s Pour House is coming from the same team that also operates Rai’s Pizza, which is located immediately next door. The twin businesses are located at 21430 Cedar Drive.

It’s the same folks that are also bringing Rai’s Pizza to the Ashburn Ice House, where it will be the onsite restaurant soon. The Rai’s folks have a lot going on.

Dishes at Rai’s Pour House will likely include burgers, salads and artisan-style crispy pizzas — a little different from the New York-style pies served next door. And Rai’s NY-style pizzas will also be available.

The current target for opening Rai’s Pour House is sometime in late October, so it’s coming up. Stay tuned.

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