Honey Bee Creamery shuts down Ashburn shop

A tiny ice cream shop that opened to much fanfare back in 2020 has apparently shut down after two years in business. Despite what the “WE ARE OPEN” sign on the front window, the Honey Bee Creamery on old Ashburn Road is most definitely closed and many of the fixtures inside have been removed.

Prior to Honey Bee Creamery, it was JR’s Soft Serve. When Honey Bee took over, they were going to carry artisan chocolates as well as ice cream.

They were also going to offer something called nitrogen ice cream, which was supposed to be a super creamy version of the frozen treat.

But now, the place is closed. The tables and ice cream freezers have been removed. The Honey Bee website is also gone. We’re told this happened in the past few weeks.

Honey Bee also has a location in Leesburg on Fieldstone Drive. Despite the decision to close the Ashburn store, the Leesburg shop is still open for business.

  1. Andrea Howard 2 months ago

    This is heartbreaking. I bought JR’s in 2019 and turned it into HoneyBee. We did sell artisan chocolate I made and offered nitrogen ice cream. I sold the whole business (both ice cream shops and chocolate company) in July 2021 when my husband retired and we moved out of the area. I sold it to an existing successful ice cream shop owner. I was confident he had the skills and abilities to keep the business going and growing. I don’t know what happened here. It was his to manage after the sale, but I can’t help feeling sad for what was a tremendous amount of work and creative energy to make a really cute local ice cream shop, now gone.

    • Chris Wadsworth 2 months ago

      We were sorry to hear the news as well. Didn’t realize you had sold the business, Andrea. Hope you are well.

  2. Kyle Dumouchelle 2 months ago

    I’m not surprised. The place felt kind of unfinished and somewhat unprofessional. Like it wasn’t a real establishment and was just people who happened to open an ice cream shop there. The nitrogen ice cream was also underwhelming: I was hoping it was closer to something like Sub Zero ice cream, but I could barely tell the difference between what Honey Bee served and normal ice cream.

  3. Kyle Dumouchelle 2 months ago

    What’s with Burn censoring any remotely critical comments?

    • Chris Wadsworth 2 months ago

      Sorry, Kyle. Was not our intention. We have to manually approve each comment thanks to some racist a–holes who were spamming us. Your previous comment has been approved.

  4. B 2 months ago

    Not surprising after we went on a Friday evening this past summer and the doors were locked. Employee waved us away as if they were too busy to serve 4 people. Never went back.

  5. Stacey H 2 months ago

    So sad. My husband and I walk the WOD trail that is right near the ice cream shop. We spent many summer afternoons after our walks getting wonderful ice cream from the Honey Bee.

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