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Sterling’s Rocket Frog Brewing to close its doors in December

Unfortunate news on the local brewery scene. The Rocket Frog Brewing Company in Sterling has announced that it will close its doors for good next month.

“We’ve had an epic ride and could not have done it without the support of our fans, staff and family,” the brewery’s team posted to social media today.

“Through Rocket Frog, we have gained an extended family, which makes closing that much more difficult. We are thankful that we had a great staff and beer to share with all of you,” the message continued.

Rocket Frog, located on Glenn Drive, is planning on having a final bash on December 10 before they close the following day.

The brewery opened back in 2018 with one of the coolest names and logos around. The brewery got its name from a frog that got caught on camera flying through the air during a NASA rocket launch.

The Rocket Frog team says they will keep to their regular schedule until they close and they hope to see all their regulars and friends for that final goodbye on December 10.

(Image at top: Rocket Frog Brewing Company)
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  1. Matt 1 year ago

    Location, location, location! They did themselves in by being located so close to Crooked Run with very few signs showing people how to reach their tasting room. Someone wanting to go to Rocket Frog first has to pass by Crooked Run which has better outdoor seating, looks like a more fun time overall, and is larger (and personally, has better-tasting beers). I’d wager that most people don’t go any farther, leading to lower patronization of Rocket Frog’s location.

    They’d probably survive if they moved away from their competition a bit.

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