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Hotworx headed to Leesburg shopping center

A new Hotworx boutique fitness studio is on its way to Leesburg — the first location in the town for the fast-growing brand.

Hotworx already has two locations in Loudoun — one in Ashburn and one in the Stone Ridge community off Highway 50. Now, The Burn has learned that a new Hotworx is in the works for the Marketplace at Potomac Station center in Leesburg.

That’s the same center with the Giant grocery store, a Best Buy, an Arby’s, and the First Watch restaurant. Hotworx is reportedly taking a spot near the Giant, next door to Club Pilates.

The brand offers a variety of virtual exercise classes conducted in heated “infrared sauna” rooms, which purports to increase the effectiveness of a workout.

Besides classes such as Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and Hot Bands, they also have rooms with equipment for classes such as Hot Cycle and Hot Row.

No word yet on when Hotworx in Leesburg will open. The website just says a presale will be starting soon.

(Image at top: Hotworx)