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Converge Life Church bringing new worship assembly to Loudoun

When Vineeta Bernard first moved from India to the United States as a little girl, she struggled a bit trying to find where she fit in. She wasn’t fully Indian or fully American — or at least that’s how it seemed to her.

“I felt like a mis-fit. Where do I belong? What do I do?,” she said. “I struggled with the challenge of feeling ‘different’ everywhere I went.”

Pastors Nimesh and Vineeta Bernard and their three children.

Vineeta calls it being a “third culture kid” — growing up in a different culture than the one your parents did.

That experience as a third-culture kid has led Bernard to following a career path — and also a spiritual path — of helping others find a place where they fit in. And that has now manifested itself in a new Loudoun County church founded by Vineeta and her husband, Nimesh Bernard.

This dynamic duo are co-pastors at Converge Life Church, which will officially launch this Sunday, February 12. Parishioners as well as interested community members will gather at the Arcola Elementary School at 10 a.m.

Converge Life Church is focused on reaching out to all people in Loudoun and Northern Virginia and bringing them together. They describe their mission with a few key points:

  • We are passionate about reaching the community and its needs.  
  • We believe in helping the community with the resources God has given us.   
  • We love everyone and reach across cultures, ethnicities, and cultures.  
  • We believe in God’s word, hope, and compassion.   
  • Our goal is to bring everyone together through God’s love and compassion.  
  • We are spirit filled, rooted in the word, and a gathering that is passionate about worship.

The church is embracing the concept of the third culture kid — it’s open to everyone — people from any culture or multiple cultures. If you’ve been looking for a place where you’ll fit in socially and spiritually — Converge Life Church is for you.

Pastors Nimesh and Vineeta invite you to come out this Sunday — or any Sunday you are available — and experience the joy of being involved in a new church, a new gathering and a new assembly of people seeking a richer relationship with others and with God.

You can click here and learn more about Converge and the people who make up this remarkable new church.

(This is a sponsored story on behalf of Converge Life Church.)