The great Slapfish mystery continues in Ashburn

The mysterious future of the only Slapfish location in Virginia continues to puzzle us. The restaurant has been stripped of furniture, but its listing on Yelp says it’s reopening in April. Something doesn’t add up.

As The Burn reported three weeks ago, the Slapfish location at One Loudoun in Ashburn suddenly closed with no warning. No explanations were posted on social media and no notes were taped to the front door. The restaurant was just locked up tight.

There have been mixed messages about what is happening — the restaurant’s Google listing still shows it as open.

It’s Facebook page says it’s temporarily closed. And on the official Slapfish website, all mentions of the Ashburn location have been wiped away.

The former Slapfish location at One Loudoun.

Now, a peek inside the window shows much of the furniture and fixtures have been removed. That’s never a good sign that a restaurant is returning.

But at the same time, Slapfish’s Yelp listing says it will be reopening on April 17, 2023. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Image: Yelp

The official word from the folks at One Loudoun is that — at this point — they have been told the closing is temporary. But as a landlord with legal agreements with a tenant, the good folks at OL may also be limited in what they can say at this juncture.

We’ll keep our eyes on it and keep you posted if there are any updates — one way or the other.