New Leesburg shop specializes in all things beads

A new retail store has opened in Leesburg and it carries a huge inventory of beads, stones, and other baubles to be used in making jewelry — a popular hobby and even a side gig for many people.

Images: Leesburg Beads & Studio

The store is called Leesburg Beads & Studio. It’s located at 12 Sycolin Road SE. Be warned — that’s a small leftover stretch of Sycolin off Market Street that is not directly connected to the main Sycolin.

“Leesburg Beads and Studio is Northern Virginia’s go-to jewelry-making destination,” the store’s website reads. “We are a full spectrum bead shop that also offers a wide variety of jewelry-making and metal smithing classes.”

Besides classes, Leesburg beads also doubles as a venue for craft-related special events. Birthday parties, Girl Scout troop events, summer camp outings, and more are available.

The store celebrated its grand opening earlier this month.