Sign installed at new Ashburn bubble tea, fried chicken restaurant

A new bubble tea and fried chicken restaurant is under construction in Ashburn and now the sign has been mounted outside the store. It’s called Tsaocaa — or maybe it’s not.

The Burn first told you about this new eatery and drinkery last July. It’s coming to the Ashburn Farm Market Center, at the corner of Claiborne Parkway and Ashburn Farm Parkway.

At the time of our last report, we called it Tsao Cha — because that was the best information we had. Now that the sign has gone up, it says Tsaocaa. But when you go to the website it says it’s both Tsaocha and Tsaocaa. They appear side by side.

We asked the company why the two different names. They say it means the same thing — “Holy Land of Tea” — but one is easier to pronounce then the other. Their response — not ours.

The mysteries also don’t stop there. On the website, it says the brand’s specialties are Bubble Tea, Fried Chicken, and Egg Waffles. But on the sign, it says Mochi Donuts instead of Egg Waffles.

“Most of our stores have Egg Waffle on the menu, but Mochi Donuts is a new product,” the Tsaocaa team told us. “Not all stores have that.”

Bottom line — as Loudoun County’s leading source for fried chicken news, The Burn will continue to follow this developing story until opening day — which they say will be “soon” — and until we have all the answers. Stay tuned.

(Image at top: Tsaocaa or maybe Tsaocha)