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Anti-aging franchise Seratonin targeting Loudoun

Regular and long-time readers of The Burn may start to see patterns as certain types of businesses become trendy and rise in popularity while others seem to fade away.

Among the popular trends currently in local restaurants — Korean BBQ, acai bowls, and Nashville hot chicken sandwiches. All of these concepts are red hot in Northern Virginia right now.

Another trend we are seeing are the health-related franchises — brands aimed at anti-aging, maintaining optimal health and optimal appearance, and recovery from a hard day of exercise or even a hard night of partying.

Recently, The Burn has reported on iCryo coming to One Loudoun, as well as Nava Health & Vitality Center opening in Ashburn’s Shoppes at Ryan Park, and the upcoming Restore Hyper Wellness headed to Brambleton.

Now, another fast-growing health franchise has announced it is potentially planning to open multiple locations in Loudoun County. It’s called Seratonin Centers and they specialize in anti-aging and longevity.

“While the Serotonin Centers site selection team is looking into potential sites throughout Loudoun and Fairfax County, the company has identified SterlingAshburnGreat Falls, and Reston as prime markets for the new franchise locations,” a press release said.

Among the services offered by Seratonin, there are various hormone therapies, red light treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Botox, dermal fillers, hair restoration, even weight loss assistance, and CoolSculpting. Basically, a menu of things made to keep you looking and/or feeling good.

The brand seems to be relatively new. According to the press release, they only started franchising in 2021, and the website lists just two locations open and operating so far — one in Florida and one in New Jersey.

But the website also lists another 20+ locations in the works in five states, and that’s not including the plans just announced for Northern Virginia.

There may be a good business reason for the rush to expand and franchise. When a new concept proves to be a hot one, multiple brands will rush into the space hoping to be one of the ones that catches on and become dominant.

At one point there were dozens and dozens of build-your-own-burrito places, and while there are still a lot, there is only one Chipotle. Same thing happened with sub sandwiches, with build-your-own-pizza, and many other concepts.

While no specific locations for Seratonin have been announced for Loudoun — or Northern Virginia — it seems only a matter of time until the brand becomes the latest player in one of the hottest business/franchise trends in the region.

(Image at top: Serotonin Centers)