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Burning Question: What is the latest on Mezeh coming to Leesburg?

Burning Question: Any updates on the Mezeh at Compass Creek in Leesburg? It was announced over a year ago, but other than the few signs in the windows that went up pretty quickly, there has been no observable progress. Thanks! — Marty M.

We feel your pain, Marty. The Burn is also eager for Loudoun County’s first Mezeh to open its doors. We first reported on it in February of 2022 and we’ve been driving by like an obsessed fan watching for progress ever since.

Our angst has been compounded by the Leesburg location not being listed yet as “coming soon” on the Mezeh website.

The space at the Shops at Compass Creek. It’s in the same line-up with the new Bruster’s Real Ice Cream shop and Buffalo Wing Factory on one side and the stand-alone Starbucks, Chipotle, and Popeyes on the other.

Image: Mezeh

But rest assured, we are told that Mezeh is still happening. We reached out to a representative for the landlord who told us that the restaurant is definitely coming.

There have been some delays, but they expect construction to start in April and they are looking towards an opening sometime this fall.

If you are new to Mezeh — it’s a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant. Think Cava, and you’re pretty darn close.

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