Chick-fil-A in South Riding closed for remodeling

Chick-fil-A fans in the South Riding/Chantilly area of Loudoun will need to look elsewhere for their chicken sandwich and waffle fry fix. The restaurant on Defender Drive is temporarily closed for remodeling.

According to the restaurant’s social media, they expect to be closed for roughly two weeks. If the schedule holds, that would have them re-opening late this month.

Images: Chick-fil-A South Riding

The bulk of the work is focused on the drive-thru lanes and making them work more efficiently. The dining room is expected to stay the same.

As the Chick-fil-A brand has grown, they have found new ways to make the drive-thru lanes perform better and move customers through the ordering, payment, and pick-up process more quickly.

The brand actually has a Strategic Reinvestment Team that regularly visits the nearly 3,000 Chick-fil-As in the United States and helps determine which locations would benefit from remodeling or upgrades.