Content studio Toire Avenue coming to Lansdowne

An interesting new business is setting up shop in the Lansdowne Town Center. It’s called Toire Avenue — pronounced like Tory Avenue — and it’s aimed at folks who spend time or do business online.

Toire Avenue bills itself as a “content creation and social studio.” In other words, theyd will provide a venue and equipment for people who need to produce online content — whether for personal pleasure and family memories, or for businesses looking to expand and improve their online content.

The Toire Avenue logo. Note how they capitalize the V in avenue, so it reads “a venue” — since the studio will be a venue for events and content production.

The exact details of what type of equipment and what specific services the venue will offer are yet to be announced.

Toire Avenue is taking a roughly 2,800 s.f. space in the Town Center. The unit is a few doors down from Deli Italiano, facing the open green space and community plaza.

(Image at top: Stock photo)