Bricks & Minifigs announces grand opening in Herndon

Big news in the local Lego world — a new retail shop dedicated to all things Lego has announced its opening date in Herndon.

The store is called Bricks & Minifigs. Bricks is the term for the Lego building blocks and minifigs — or miniature figures — are the little Lego people that inhabit the Lego world. (Trust us — if you’re into Legos — and tens of thousands of people are — this all makes sense.)

Bricks & Minifigs will open at 1064 Elden Street on Saturday, June 8 at 10 a.m., according to the store’s social media.

Images: Bricks & Minifigs

The shop will carry both new and used Lego sets, as well as individual pieces that allow people to craft Lego projects of their own design.

“Come look at some of the latest sets. Or peruse some of the retired sets that we have in stock,” the grand opening announcement reads. “We have thousands of minifigs to choose from. Or come visit our minifig maker table and make your own minifig. We have hundreds of gallons of loose Lego, and you just might find the piece you were looking for at our bulk table.”

The Burn first reported on Bricks & Minifigs back in April. The brand is part of a growing nationwide chain of Lego resale shops with dozens of locations.