New ice cream concept coming to Loudoun County

A new ice cream shop is in the works for Loudoun County and it will be one of the first to serve a new style of ice cream. The concept has been nicknamed “New Zealand real fruit ice cream.”

The new sweet shop is moving into the Dulles Town Center shopping mall. It will be taking over the former Ben & Jerry’s kiosk which is located in the center of the food court area.

The name of the shop will be Jamun New Zealand Style Soft Serve. Jamun is a word that is related both to Gulab Jamun, a popular Indian dessert as well as a type of plum found in India.

Here’s the best explanation we have for New Zealand real fruit ice cream. Picture hand-scooped ice cream (or soft serve ice cream) mixed with fresh or fresh-frozen fruit in a machine that then rapidly blends the two together and emits a smooth, fruit-flavored soft serve type ice cream.

But isn’t that just a blender, you ask. Not quite. The team at Jamun hasn’t set up their equipment yet, so they don’t have any photos, but below, we have a picture from an Oklahoma City ice cream shop that makes a similar New Zealand soft serve product to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Image: Capitals Ice Cream

“Our goal is to offer a unique and delicious experience that combines the best of New Zealand-style ice cream with the vibrant flavors of South Asia and the Middle East,” said owner Neal Miglani. “Jamun is all about inclusivity and quality, offering a variety of premium ice cream flavors such as saffron, rose, coconut, and exotic fruit options for blend-ins, as well as vegan and dairy-free options.”

They will also serve hot chocolate, teas, pastries, and other items.

Construction is set to start on the food court kiosk any day now and they are targeting a July opening if all goes smoothly.

(Kiosk image at top designed by Naii Vegas/@creativebuildr)