New plan for former Aldie General Store in Loudoun

A new food market is in the works for Loudoun County — and it’s in a spot that has garnered a lot of attention over the past year or two.

The spot we’re talking about is the site of the old Aldie General Store at 39285 Little River Turnpike (formerly John Mosby Highway) in Aldie.

The general store closed back in 2022. Word soon spread that new owners had purchased the building and were planning an upscale, farm-to-table Italian restaurant for the space.

It was originally going to be called Rubanos. Then came word that it was going to be named Caccia Restaurant instead. (See our previous coverage here for all the details.)

Now, it looks like those restaurant plans have changed. Instead, the owners plan to use roughly 2,500 s.f. of space as a retail market called The Black Market.

Online, filings with the county say — and we quote: “It was a country store. We will use it as a country store as well. Same format.”

The Rubano family is behind the project and they have years of experience in restaurants and fine dining, so we can speculate that the new market may lean in the “gourmet” direction. But that’s just speculation.

We reached out to the folks involved in The Black Market, but they weren’t ready to reveal any details quite yet.