Burning Questions

Burning Question: What’s going on at the old Dry Mill Winery in Leesburg?

Burning Question: Any update on the old Dry Mill Winery in Leesburg? There has been a lot of action there recently and new landscaping the past few weeks. — Jon W.

Thanks for your question, Jon. It was a good reminder for us to follow up on something we were chasing a year ago.

Back in 2023, we saw some plans moving through the county system for a new project at the old Dry Mill Winery, located at 18195 Dry Mill Road. The winery closed in the spring of last year.

We spoke with the folks behind the project, but at the time, things were still in flux. Now, we have a more definitive answer.

One of the principals told us this week that the new venue will be called Stable & Vine. It will be a bed and breakfast and also have spaces available to host private events.

So, there you go, Jon. Burning question asked and answered.

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(Image at top: Archive photo from former Dry Mill Winery)