Burning Questions

Burning Question: What’s going on at the old BB&T bank in Leesburg?

Burning Question: What’s going on in the old BB&T building on Potomac Station Drive?  It sat vacant for a year and suddenly there are construction workers working on the inside. Thanks. — Michele P.

You are correct, Michele. There is work going on at the former bank building that sits across the street from the Marketplace at Potomac Station shopping center.

That’s the plaza with the Giant grocery store, the Best Buy, an Arby’s, and the First Watch restaurant.

It’s one of many empty bank buildings around Northern Virginia as the banking industry pulls back from brick-and-mortar locations in favor of online banking.

We stopped out at the site to see what was happening. There’s a shipping container and a dumpster in the parking lot, but it’s the permits on the door that tell the story.

According to one small line on one of the permits, the building is undergoing a “conversion” from a bank to a dental office.

So there you go. A new dentist’s office is apparently the answer to this burning question.

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