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Yum Yum Hibachi is Ashburn’s favorite new takeout restaurant

When people eat at a Japanese steakhouse or a hibachi restaurant, one of the key elements is the small bowl of pink-ish sauce served with their meal.

It goes by a variety of names around the country, such as white sauce or shrimp sauce – but here in Northern Virginia, it’s perhaps most well known as yum yum sauce.

Yum yum sauce is perfect for dunking a morsel of steak, or chicken, or shrimp fresh off the hibachi grill.

And as it turns out, it was also the perfect name for a new restaurant right in the heart of Ashburn — one that was named “Best Takeout” in Ashburn Magazine’s “Best of Ashburn” contest.

Images by Astri Wee of Astri Wee Photography

Yum Yum Hibachi opened in June 2023 at Ashburn and Hay Roads. Its tiny space was an addition to a historic building that is now a retail space on the southwest corner of the intersection.

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