Deflated Commanders “bubble” raises eyebrows in Ashburn

The sight of the Commanders training “bubble” being deflated this weekend created a little concerned buzz around Ashburn. Some passers-by worried it might be coming down permanently.

This could be possibly in light of recent reports about the potential for data centers to built on the property, something the Commanders say is not in the offing.

In these photos, taken by reader Cris Carlin from outside the fence that surrounds the Commanders property at Loudoun County Parkway and Gloucester Parkway, you can see the inflated dome-like structure much lower than usual. One deflated portion sits on the ground like a spent balloon.

Photos by Cris Carlin

But worry not. A spokesperson for the team says that the bubble was merely being brought down “to address necessary repairs.”

We also understand that this is a dead period for the team — in that there are no team activities taking place at the Ashburn facility.

Photos by Cris Carlin

In recent weeks, the Commanders have reiterated their intent to keep their training facility in Ashburn for years to come and have also invested some $10 million in improvements to the Ashburn site to get ready for next season.