Confirmed: “Dance Moms” reality show focusing on Ashburn dance studio

It was one of the worst kept secrets in Ashburn, but now the cat is officially out of the bag. The teaser trailer dropped today for the upcoming revival of the reality show “Dance Moms” and it’s focusing on an Ashburn dance studio.

Back in January, The Burn told you that camera crews had been seen going in and out of the Studio Bleu dance center on Ashburn Road in Old Ashburn.

There was a lot of discussion online that the old Lifetime cable network series “Dance Moms” (2011-2019) was being brought back and that Studio Bleu was being featured. However, the school declined to comment for our report.

Now, in the teaser trailer for “Dance Moms: A New Era” — we can see Studio Bleu coach Gloria Hampton as well as the Studio Bleu logo and a line of local students marching ominously towards the camera. Check out the video below.

Dance Moms: A New Era | Official Teaser | Hulu

Past seasons of the show have been known for the drama between the teachers, the parents, and the students. It sounds like the new season will carry on this tradition.

“Dance Moms: A New Era is a reboot of the ever so popular Dance Moms. This time, with a new coach, new dancers and new mama drama,” the synopsis of the season reads. “Introducing beloved dance coach, Glo Hampton, who wants to take her students and prestigious dance school Studio Bleu to the next level – competing nationally every week. But the road to glory won’t be an easy one. Coach Glo must juggle her tiny but mighty dancers, their scheming moms, and ensuing meltdowns, all while ruling with a tender but tough iron fist. Will Glo and her dance team persevere amidst the dramatics?”

“Dance Moms: A New Era” will debut on Hulu on August 7.

(Image at top: Hulu)