Purcellville Harris Teeter grocery store to be sold

An interesting development for grocery shoppers in the Purcellville area. The town’s Harris Teeter grocery store is going to be sold.

The store is one of six Harris Teeters in the DC area that parent company Kroger plans to “divest” themselves of. The other Northern Virginia locations are in Alexandria and Arlington.

Across the country, Kroger is selling an anticipated 579 stores as part of its bid to purchase the Albertsons grocery store chain and its subsidiaries. It needs regulatory approval to buy Albertsons and offloading some current stores may help them win that approval.

If the deal goes through — and that’s still a big if — the Purcellville Harris Teeter and the rest will become part of C&S Wholesale Grocers.

C&S operates brands such as the well-known Piggly Wiggly chain of supermarkets as well as the smaller New York-based Grand Union grocery stores.

There has been no announcement about what would happen to the Purcellville store, which is located in the Purcellville Gateway shopping center. It’s unclear what name it might go by or what changes might be in store should the sale go through.

(Image at top: Google Streetview)