In an unlikely marriage, the new restaurant Spice Town in the Goose Creek Village shopping center at Belmont Ridge Road and Sycolin Road has divided its dining room in half in order to make way for art tables that will host Uncork’d Art painting events soon.

If you’re not familiar with Uncork’d Art, it’s one of those “paint and sip” businesses where you and your friends paint your own masterpieces while sipping on wine. Think Painting with a Twist in the Broadlands, or Pinot’s Palette in Herndon.

uncorked art

Spice Town only opened last month in the space previously occupied by the doomed Manhattan Burger & Deli and blink-and-you-missed-it David’s Kitchen. Now, the new Spice Town sign has been paired with an Uncork’d Art sign.

Spice Town can probably afford to have fewer tables as it appears much of its business is carry-out and delivery. The menu, which features pizzas, wings, kabobs and many other items, will be available to customers at Uncork’d Art, meaning it will be more of a “paint, sip and munch” type place.
uncorked art