Demolition crews arrived at the Broadlands Village Center this morning, bringing in heavy duty equipment and tanker trucks, as they begin the process of tearing down the tiny Safeway gas station and ripping out the giant underground fuel tanks.

A couple of weeks ago, The Burn heard that the gas station, which was part of the former Safeway grocery store in Broadlands, was going to be razed. But at the time, it wasn’t confirmed, so we held off reporting it. (We prefer not to report rumors, although that’s not a hard, fast rule.) But today, we got confirmation in the form of a big ol’ backhoe.

The work crews are from Hepaco, an environmental remediation company from Charlotte, N.C. Their job is to handle the demolition and also the clean up of any environmental hazards left over from the gas station.

So why are the center’s owners tearing the gas station down and what’s going to replace it. Here’s what we’ve heard:

  • It’s being torn down because no new retailer is going to want to operate a gas station there in competition with the new Royal Farms mega gas station going up directly across Claiborne Parkway.
  • Once the parcel of land is cleared, a new building will likely be constructed there and it will be leased out to a new retail client. Who or what that might be remains to be seen.