For years, Ashburn residents have headed to the Reston Town Center for a evening out thanks to the many nice restaurants there. Now, there’s an interesting battle brewing over at the RTC over parking, and it could be having an impact here in Ashburn.

Here’s what we have gathered:

  • Back in early January, the Reston Town Center complex started charging for parking in its parking garages. It was a long planned move.
  • Apparently, many feel the system is overly complicated with visitors having to download an app to pay for parking and various restaurants in the center offering parking validation, but only for certain parking ramps.
  • It’s apparently been too much for many regular visitors. Stores in the center are allegedly reporting less foot traffic and drops in sales anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent since the paid parking started.
  • According to media reports, the merchants at Reston Town Center have a meeting scheduled for today to discuss a possible lawsuit against the owners of the center.
  • Meanwhile, some residents of Reston are also planning a protest against the paid parking, scheduled for March 4.
  • The Ashburn connection: many people on social media have mentioned that they are now opting to head to One Loudoun for dining and shopping instead of Reston Town Center thanks to the free parking at One Loudoun.

It’s a fascinating drama unfolding at a place many of us Ashburn folks visit regularly. Or at least we used to.

Images: Reston Town Center