First one is coming to South Riding. Ashburn could be next.

UPDATE 2-12-18: This story has been updated to reflect new information about the approved location for a fuel station at Southern Walk in the Broadlands. The site is in the Harris Teeter parking lot along Mooreview Parkway. Which makes more sense because there’s more room there.

For several years now, Harris Teeter supermarkets have been slowly adding “fuel centers” (to use their parlance) at locations in the Southeast. There are fuel stations in South Carolina, North Carolina (where HT is based) and last year, gas pumps starting going up at HT locations in Virginia. Now, the first one is coming to Northern Virginia — and it will be right here in Loudoun.

Word is that the new Harris Teeter fuel center will open mid-March at the intersection of Hwy. 50 and Stone Springs Boulevard in near South Riding and Stone Ridge. That’s across 50 from the Harris Teeter store and across Stone Springs from the Stone Springs medical center. The date we’re hearing for a quiet opening is March 14, but that could change.

In the past, Harris Teeter fuel locations have sold gas at up to 20 cents off a gallon during their grand openings. Shoppers can use their VIC cards to get a small discount every day.

Meanwhile, Ashburn could be next for an HT fuel center.

There has long been talk of an HT fuel station being added to the Harris Teeter in the Broadlands at the Southern Walk center. Plans were approved by the county back in 2016 for 14 gas pumps and a small kiosk to be added to the parking lot along Mooreview Parkway there. It’s been radio silence for more than a year now, but The Burn is hearing that there could be movement on that project in the next few months.

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Besides South Riding and Broadlands, there’s no word on any other possible Harris Teeter fuel centers. Several area Harris Teeters already share shopping centers with separate, unrelated gas stations. Think Ashbrook Commons or Goose Creek Village.

  1. Teeter Totter 5 years ago

    Ugghhh. Two big questins- Do we REALLY need another gas station? Could they not find a better spot? Traffic is already bad and travel lanes tight in that shopping center. The right turn from Mooreview to Wynridge is a nightmare since there is no dedicated right turn lane (except for the aggressive drivers that make a right turn anyway on the burm).

    If its anything like Giant’s program, Costco will still be much cheaper and worth the drive.

  2. More choice is good 5 years ago

    To each his own. More competition usually means cheaper prices, and I’m sure prices will be lower if you shop at HT. Costco gas is a zoo and further. Many value time over a few cents per gallon.

  3. Walker 5 years ago

    The location if next to Stone Ridge, not South Riding.

  4. MICHAEL RAND 5 years ago

    Harris Teeter is owned by Kroger. Adding gas is a Kroger initiative and was pioneered by their Fred Meyer division. The Broadlands site was never meant to open until 2019 and that was in the county filing for zone change. Everyone in Brambleton and broadlands understood the lack of gas stations entailing a 10 minute/10 stoplight drive. It doesn’t seem like much till you need something at 11pm.

  5. Anonymous 5 years ago

    where is H.T. buying there gas?? Don.

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