We don’t usually report too much about Purcellville (even though we love visiting), but when a longtime Ashburn establishment announces its expanding to P’ville, that’s worth a quick story.

The Ashburn Pub, which opened back in 1995, is going to launch a second location in Purcellville — The Purcellville Pub. Owner Kevin Bednarz lives in P’ville and has wanted to open a pub there for some time.

“Well, I’ve always had a dream of opening a second pub in Purcellville,” Bednarz told Ashburn Magazine in a recent article. “I would love to have a shorter drive to work. We’ll see if we can make that happen.”

Images: Kevin Bednarz/The Purcellville Pub

The Ashburn Pub is located in the Ashburn Village Shopping Center. The new Purcellville Pub will be at 745 East Main Street. No announced opening date yet, but look for the new pub later in 2019.