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Six soups from Ashburn restaurants to keep you warm all winter

(From our partners at Ashburn Magazine)

When the winter winds start to blow and the temperatures drop, my thoughts always turn to soups and stews. It’s one of the four main food groups on my own personal food pyramid. (The others being cheese, pretzels and fried chicken. I’m kind of a health nut.)

I enjoy making homemade soups – a cream of mushroom is my specialty. And at local restaurants, I have been known to skip a big burger or steak and make a meal out of a bowl of soup, stew or even chili. (Sorry, servers, I’ll make it up in the tip.)

With that in mind, your trusty magazine editor went out in search of some soups at Ashburn restaurants that you should consider trying when you need to warm up during our chilly winter months. Click here and head over to the Ashburn Magazine website for all the photos and the details.

(Image at top: File photo)