Loudoun County getting a new Roy Rogers restaurant

Roy Rogers — the iconic mid-Atlantic fast food chain — already has a strong presence in Leesburg. And it will be getting stronger yet with a third location planned for the town.

According to the landlord, a drive-thru Roy Rogers is being planned for the Shops at Russell Branch center, off Russell Branch Parkway near Battlefield Parkway SE.

That’s the same center with the Lowe’s home improvement store, a Robeks, the Aldi grocery store, a Virginia Auto & Tire, and the Brite Wash car wash.

There is a parcel of land — called a “pad” in real estate terms — to the north of the car wash and right in front of the Lowe’s. That’s where Roy Rogers is expected to build its new restaurant.

Roy Rogers is a homegrown brand here in Northern Virginia. The very first one — named after the famous “cowboy” actor and singer — opened in Falls Church in 1968. The brand quickly expanded and — at its peak — had more than 600 locations.

Actor and singer Roy Rogers in front of an early location for his namesake restaurant chain.

Roy Rogers was later sold and many of its locations were converted into other brands such as Hardees, Wendy’s and Boston Market.

In the early 2000s, new owners came in and rebooted the brand and slowly started to regrow the Roy Rogers footprint. According to the company’s website, today there are roughly 37 locations in six states with the highest number found in Maryland.

A recent addition to the Roy Rogers chain with an updated facade.

The chain is known for its fried chicken, its roast beef sandwiches, and its “Fixin’s Bar” where customers can choose toppings for their sandwiches.

It’s still premature to know any firm plans on when the latest Loudoun Roy Rogers will open. The deal was just signed. Unless they move at lightning speed, it will likely be 2025 at the earliest.

(Images: Roy Rogers)