If you like Cava and other Mediterranean style restaurants, we highly recommend you give Basil Leaf Grill a try.

If you like Cava and other Mediterranean-style restaurants, we highly recommend you give Basil Leaf Mediterranean Grill a try. Tucked away in the Loudoun Station complex off of Shellhorn Road in Ashburn, Basil Leaf has delicious food that can be healthy too (if you so choose).

Like so many other fast casual restaurants these days, Basil Leaf is all about customization. You walk down a short line — choose your base (rice, bread, greens, etc.), choose your protein, choose your toppings, choose your sauces. You can build your dish exactly how you want it.

We hit Basil Leaf about once a week. Our go to dish is basmati rice topped with grilled chicken, grilled onions, seasoned tomatoes, hummus, lentils, tabouli and chickpeas. Other proteins etc. include steak, lamb, veggies, and falafel while other toppings include cucumber, stuffed grape leaves, kalamata olives, feta cheese, eggplant dip and more. We like the spicy garlic yogurt sauce, but all the sauces are good. (We know — we taste tested them all.)

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