Over the next two weeks, traffic signals should be turned on at two of Ashburn’s most dangerous intersections.

At long last, the traffic lights are starting to come online along dangerous Belmont Ridge Road. It’s just in time for sometimes perilous winter driving and it will come as relief to parents of Briar Woods High School students who use Belmont to get to school.

According to Susan Glass with the Loudoun County Department of Transportation, the new traffic signals at Belmont and Truro Parish Drive should be turned on by the end of next week — Dec. 9 give or take. (This week’s rain has slowed things down a bit.)

Belmont has been widened from Broadlands Boulevard down to Truro Parish. Striping on the new lanes should be completed this week. Then the new traffic lights at Truro will be set to “flashing” for three days to make drivers aware of the imminent change. Finally, the signals will become operational, the cones will be removed and all the new lanes will be open to traffic.

Next up, transportation officials say they expect to have traffic lights operational at Belmont Ridge and Croson Lane on or around December 15. The intersections at Truro and Croson currently have drivers trying to cross or turn into fast, oncoming traffic. And both intersections have been the scene of many accidents over the years.


  1. Lisa A 8 years ago

    It’s the W&OD Trail (Washington and Old Dominion) not WO&D.

    • Lisa A 8 years ago

      Sorry- wrong article!

    • The Burn 8 years ago

      You’re right, Lisa. How embarrassing! We have corrected our typo. Thank you.

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