Hundreds of different types of soda and candy for the serious sweet tooth, along with humorous novelty items.

rocket fizz

A new candy and soda pop store opened at Village at Leesburg today and it’s going to knock your socks off. Rocket Fizz features wall-to-wall bottles of soda, retro candies galore, humorous tin signs and other novelty items.

rocket fizz

Imagine sodas in every color and flavor under the rainbow, nearly 400 different types (398 to be exact). Crazy flavors like Bacon Soda, Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda and Martian Poop Soda (we’re not joking). And retro flavors from the 20th century like Dad’s Root Beer, Nesbitt’s Orange Soda and Kickapoo Joy Juice.

rocket fizz

Crazy candies from past and present line shelf after shelf — think Pop Rocks, Valomilks and jumbo Sweet Tarts, along with hundreds of others. The Burn flipped when we found Albert’s Chocolate Ice Cubes, a treat we hadn’t had in 30 years.

ice cubes
Remember these?

Rocket Fizz will make a great stop for any sweets loving family and the huge selection will make filling Christmas stocking a breeze. The Village at Leesburg location is the first for the chain in northern Virginia and only the second in the state. (There’s one in Richmond.) There are more than 80 Rocket Fizz outlets around the country.

rocket fizz sign