Ah-So will specialize in wines and wine pairings with dishes created by a well-known gourmet chef.

Big news for Brambleton — a new restaurant is coming to the Brambleton Town Center and it’s not just any restaurant. It will be owned and operated by a renowned gourmet chef.

Chef Jason Maddens

The Burn first reported back in March that Chef Jason Maddens was looking for a Loudoun location for his new restaurant with the intriguing name Ah-So. (An “Ah-So” is an old-fashioned type of wine opener especially useful on old or brittle corks.) Well, he has found his spot. Maddens will be opening his restaurant in the former Papa Tony’s space next to Sweet Frog in the BTC.

Images: Ah-So Restaurant

Maddens, a Leesburg resident, came to fame as one of the founders of the restaurant Clarity in Vienna. His initial vision for Ah-So was described as a modern American restaurant with an emphasis on wine. Maddens is also reportedly considering offering what he calls “micro wine dinners.”

Maddens will renovate the space with a target of opening for business this fall.

Chef Jason Maddens and his wife, Tiffany, stand in front of their new restaurant space at the Brambleton Town Center.
  1. Will 6 years ago

    You have other places such as One Loudoun and other town centers that are way better than BTC. Why? A variety of restaurants and shops that create great environments to go and enjoy with the family and friends. With the exception of Blue Ridge Grill and Asian Spice, everything else is boring. It’s very frustrating when one lives in such of a beautify and great community as Brambleton, yet our town center doesn’t have the variety of shops and restaurants others have. One then has to drive to other town centers In order to enjoy a better “town center” atmosphere with family and friends. It’s a shame. It’s sad too when other community members feel the same way. Now, let’s see how this new restaurant does, as that particular corner location has gone through a cycle of restaurants that were not successful. So we shall see. Wish them the best!

  2. Mateo 6 years ago

    Wow. Talk about a negative comment! Brambleton locks in a unique upscale restaurant and that is your comment about it? Haha
    Looking forward to eating at Ah-So frequently. With all the new homes being built around the town center, It will be perfect timing to open up. Best of luck and welcome to Brambleton! Unlike Will, the majority of residents love the town center

  3. Charles 6 years ago

    While Will’s comment may seem harsh, I have to agree with a lot of it. Brambleton Town Center needs updated. Restaurant options are that of a strip mall rather than a town center. And, retail is non-existent at the moment.
    However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. And, I’m hopeful that it won’t. Ah-So is just the sort of upscale tenant needed to energize BTC. Between it and the newly built elevator/rooftop terrace homes, BTC seems to be taking the steps needed to create a more modern, exciting experience many residents are seeking.
    Cheers to Ah-So and BTC. May this just be the beginning!

  4. Mark 6 years ago

    Unfortunately that location is probably doomed to failure unless the inside is renovated to create more private seating options. The tables in both previous restaurants were very close together with few booth options and no separation at all (which is what is great about the layout of BRG).

  5. Angela T Cooper 6 years ago

    I love the BTC and love living within walking distance! My kids love it as well, so I am shocked to hear someone call it boring…..”life is what we make of it”!!

  6. Joe 6 years ago

    I think this is very good news, and sounds like it will make for another great dinning option in BTC. Bottom line, if the food and service is good people will go! Just like Blue Ridge Grill, the place is always packed. I go to BTC, Reston, One Loudoun, etc. based on what I am interested in at the time, they all have great options. I like the fact the BTC is the size it is myself, not really busy, not a big party area on the weekends, lots of traffic around late at night, noise, etc. Looking forward to checking the place out and wish them the best.

  7. Jim A. 6 years ago

    I’m not surprised by Will’s comment- BTC is not exactly great. Nick’s Grill or whatever it is called now is awful and besides BRG, there is nothing else to do there. However, at least BTC has something besides restaurants where One Loudoun is just a giant food court with a movie theater. I wish these “town center” type places were truly that, filled with more than just food options.

  8. Martha Gerstein 6 years ago

    I agree with Jim. I live close to One Loudoun and I’m very disappointed with it so far. Other than the movie theater, it’s just one restaurant after another, and the parking is not good.

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