A local company goes above and beyond.

Sometimes you hear a story that just makes you say, “Wow.”

Monday night was a rough night for Lindsay Pualoa of Ashburn. Her toddler, AJ, was under the weather and both mom and son were up most of the night. Things weren’t much better when the sun came up.

“He was still a hot mess (in the) morning so I cancelled an annual furnace check I had scheduled with our HVAC company,” Lindsay wrote on Facebook. “I just apologized for the late notice, said I had a sick kid at home, and didn’t think much more about it. Three hours later, my doorbell rings and there is a florist at my door. The (HVAC) company sent flowers with a note saying they hoped our child was feeling better soon. I’m floored! I’ve never had something like this happen before.”

Flowers for the sick kid of a customer that cancelled last minute. That is above and beyond. We don’t know anything about this company, but someone in the public relations department at AllTech Services in Sterling gets a gold star for that sweet gesture.

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  1. K 6 years ago

    What a relevant company!! Has a heart and values their people. Hopefully a new breed emerging in business.

  2. Megan 6 years ago

    Maybe the flowers were a, “Thank you for not exposing our employees to possbly contagious illness.” Flowers are WAY cheaper for the company than lost labor. Still cool, though. 🙂

  3. damon 6 years ago

    Or maybe this whole incident was a clever publicity stunt. Companies do it all the time.

  4. Nahw 6 years ago

    Someone from the PR department is banging mommy.

  5. Tom Cartren 6 years ago

    My father was in a hospital for a year and when he got out, the Feds were waiting for him. He served time in a federal prison, they took all our money (including my bank account at 12 years of age) and we darned near starved. His old employer gave him half wages out of the goodness of his heart while he was hospitalized and on Christmas week, our neighbors took up a collection for us. Years later, one neighbor grew up and, not his fault, had his house up for sheriffs’ sale. I got a collection together and saved him. Told him to pass it on when he got back on his feet. –Tom, Indiana

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