The ordering process is different from many fast food restaurants.

Based on the crowds there this evening, lots of folks in Ashburn are trying out the new Royal Farms at Broadlands Boulevard and Claiborne Parkway. The Burn has been by twice today — things were calm before the lunch hour, but late this afternoon, there was a crowd of easily 40 to 50 people at the store, many of them purchasing food from the in-store restaurant. The parking spaces were nearly full.

With that in mind— and because The Burn is all about “news you can use” — we wanted to walk you through the ordering process at RoFo. It’s different than many fast-food restaurants.

  • You first go up to a kiosk and place your order via a touch screen. After you’ve completed your order, a receipt prints out with your order number on it.
  • Next, you grab anything else you’re going to purchase, such as a soda from the soda fountain and any other items in the convenience store.
  • Then you go to the check-out line. There, they will scan your receipt from the kiosk and ring up any other purchases and you pay.
  • Then you wait until the workers in the restaurant call out your number and hand you your food.

We had some fried chicken and some potato wedges. We also got a odd, tiny sliced bun included in our to-go box. It’s hardly worth it. If you want a roll with your meal, spring for the 99 cent buttermilk biscuit.

  1. Johnny 5 years ago

    Same crowd size tonight. At least thirty minute wait. Chicken was great. Sides were meh.

  2. Chris Brancato 5 years ago

    Not being inclined to fried chicken, I tried it. It was good and the biggest plus was it wasn’t greasy so it was clearly pretty fresh. The Texas Fries were disappointing. The restaurant is geared toward the chicken in a big way so if you’re used to a sandwich based menu like WaWa/Sheetz, you’ll be disappointed. I love that we have it. Now if only Loudoun County can build a WaWa/Sheetz, that would be great.
    The place was crowded and the wait times were anything but fast. I’ll give it a C+.

  3. Joe 7 months ago

    Don’t like the new order screen in your stores, can’t find what you want and while trying to figure it out the thing times out. Also no one around to help you with anything, so you just leave and get lunch somewhere else. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD SYSTEM ?

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