The sign at Udupi Bhavan was recently installed out front.

Local vegetarians have been eagerly awaiting the opening of a new all-vegetarian restaurant in the Dulles Town Crossing shopping center near the mall. Information about the new business has been exceedingly hard to come by, but we’ve gathered a few new details.

Most importantly, the establishment has a new name. We originally reported it was going to be called Woodlands Pure Vegetarian. However, we’re told that owner has moved on and a new owner has come in. The new restaurant is named Udupi Bhavan and the sign recently went up on the space where Atlanta Bread Company used to be.

Inside, tables and chairs are in place and we can see buffet food warmers along the back wall.

In case your wondering, Udupi is the name of a city in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The word “bhavan” means house or building, so the name Udupi Bhavan might roughly translate to “Udupi House.”

While the focus of the menu might be southern Indian cuisine, we’ve heard that there will also be some dishes from northern India, but it will still be all vegetarian. No official date for when they’re opening, but word on the street is that it could be as soon as the next week or two.

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  1. LifeSaver8404 6 years ago

    I have to say, the service is awful. Truly the worst I’ve ever seen. Unless of course, you’re Indian. Then the service was significantly better. Pains me to write this but I know discrimination when I see it and feel it. What a shame. When expressing our concern, we got a lecture about how Indian restaurants are much different so people have to wait long times for their food. Apparently, that wasn’t the case of people who sat around us who arrived after us and ordered after us. The food wasn’t bad. Take your chances eating here. I truly hope your experience is much better than mine was. However, after polling some of my friends, it was very similar to mine.

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