The chain is considering a spot at the Commonwealth Center development.

The Silver Diner, a popular restaurant chain here in the mid-Atlantic, is negotiating for a spot at the Commonwealth Center in Ashburn. That’s the development across from One Loudoun where Top Golf is. The new restaurant would be taking a spot next to the CVS Pharmacy that is under construction at the corner of Loudoun County Parkway and Russell Branch Parkway.

Image: Peterson Cos.

We’re told the lease is still under negotiation and it’s not a done deal yet. But word has leaked and it’s being widely discussed on social media.

This would be the first Loudoun County location for Silver Diner, a Rockville Md. based chain with 13 locations in Virginia and Maryland and one in New Jersey. The nearest one to Ashburn is in Reston.

Even if the deal goes through, we’re told it would be a while before we would all be slurping down one of their famous Silver Diner milkshakes. Between permitting and construction, an opening in 2020 would be the most likely scenario.

Images: Silver Diner
  1. Sharon 5 years ago

    Bring one to Leesburg. We need a comfort food restaurant.

  2. Scott Gammans 5 years ago

    I’d rather see Joe’s Cafe—a TRUE locally-owned diner—open an Ashburn location.

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      ingredients at joes are trash compared to silver diner.

    • Jim A. 5 years ago

      Do you mean the like the one that is basically a few feet outside of Ashburn, on Church Rd. (Sterling). If so, another location wouldn’t hurt, but it’s certainly not hard to get to Joe’s- which is terrific.

  3. Laura 5 years ago

    They will do very well in Ashburn!

  4. Martha S Gerstein 5 years ago

    But Joe’s Cafe is, according to their website, only open until 3 pm. Silver Diner is open until midnight and will offer a good alternative to all the restaurants in One Loudoun who have horrible parking, for those of us who are physically handicapped.

    • Jay 5 years ago

      Horrible parking? They have 2 garages with ample handicap parking.

      • Martha S Gerstein 5 years ago

        For those of us whose handicap includes an inability to walk any distance, parking in a garage and then walking to a restaurant or store isn’t an option, no matter how many handicap spaces there are.

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      Horrible parking? They have free parking everywhere, an abundance of handicapped spaces along the roads – and an entire parking garage with ample handicapped spots. What are you looking for?

  5. Scott Gammans 5 years ago

    I’m just going to point out that the one person who felt it was helpful to leave an unsubstantiated, nasty remark about Joe’s Csfe didn’t have the courage of his/her convictions to sign their name. I and the others who are fans of Joe’s put our names to our remarks.

    Make of that what you will.

  6. Lainey 5 years ago

    YES to Silver Diner!! It’s the perfect casual alternative with a varied menu featuring organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Love it!

  7. Anonymous 5 years ago

    to scott,
    ask joes about their ingredients. not organic, not non-gmo, not gluten free (optional).
    I’m not here to debate facts. My name is David, I reside in STERLING. I’m unsure of the purpose of providing a name does but here it is. I also felt my comment was helpful, the same way silver diner thinks providing the best quality ingredients help.

  8. Anonymous 5 years ago

    also, you have people from loudoun county flocking to fairfax county (closest location) to eat at a restaurant. Why not bring that restaurant to loudoun county, so LoCo can reap the benefits and keep the business within the county. Its not clear to me if you’re thinking whats best for the county and everyone else or whats best for you

  9. Taylor B. 5 years ago

    My father used to take me to Silver Diner for milkshakes as a child. I’m so excited to be able to live right next door to one, and one day continue the tradition with my children.

  10. Jason S 5 years ago

    Love Joe’s cafe, it is exactly what it is supposed to be. People complaining about non-organic, non-gmo, non-gf…it does not claim to be those things…nor does it’s price lines. Silver diner is quite pricey for “diner” fare. I like their food, and haven’t had anything bad there, so no complaints.

    Unfortunately, locally, people lack appreciation for the ma and pop places. If you look at any city with an “old town” they support their family owned places, not the larger franchises or chains. Just my two cents.

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