The road is being four-laned from Northstar to Beaverdam.

We’ve gotten a bunch of emails about work going on alongside Ryan Road in Brambleton — specifically the two-lane section that runs west of Northstar Boulevard by the Brambleton Golf Course. Yep, they are widening the road there.

Currently, mighty machines are clearing trees and shrubs along areas on either side of Ryan.

Image: Courtesy Brad Juneau

According to LoCo officials, the work is being done by the developer of Brambleton as part of an agreement with Loudoun County — creating a four-lane roadway with a median.

The section is red is the widening work currently underway. The section in yellow is future widening work. Image: Google Maps

But there’s a catch. The expanded road will only stretch from Northstar to right around the Beaverdam Drive intersection. Initially, it won’t extend all the way to Evergreen Mills Road. This final stretch — from Beaverdam to Evergreen Mills — will be a separate capital improvement project undertaken by the county at some point in the future.

(Thanks to readers Brad Juneau and Vanessa Newton for the news tips.)

  1. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Lol what a joke. Bad deal board of supervisors. Brambleton should’ve widened the whole road

  2. Mark 5 years ago

    Really doesn’t make much sense doing just part of it now and waiting on the final stretch to Evergreen Mills, would seem to be more cost efficient to do it all at the same time.

  3. Kamran 5 years ago

    a major portion of traffic is coming from the houses on Ryan road, between northstar and beaverdam. Making this portion right away will alleviate the traffic, and have a big impact, instead of waiting for all funds to be available for the whole stretch,

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