The chargers allow Tesla owners to charge their vehicles quickly.

tesla superchargers stations

Big news for local Tesla car owners. Loudoun county is getting its very first Supercharger station at the Village at Leesburg.

The new charging stations — 10 in all — are being installed on the second level of a parking garage on the south side of the center, near the Cobb Theater. Five of the spaces are designated for Tesla vehicles only, while five more allow non-Tesla vehicles to park there for 30 minutes. A spokesperson for the Village said they hope to have the Superchargers up and running in about four weeks — so mid-April.

We’re not Tesla experts, but if we understand the technology correctly, a Supercharger recharges the battery-powered cars at a much higher rate of speed than a standard charger. Theoretically, you could park, plug your Tesla in, go to dinner or a movie, and come out to a fully charged car.

The Tesla company is trying to build a nationwide network of Supercharger locations to serve the growing number of Tesla owners. The Village at Leesburg location is the first in Loudoun. The next nearest location is one in Haymarket VA.

Image (here and at top): Tesla
  1. Timothy mountcaste 5 years ago

    Tesla Super chargers are level 3 chargers – 480 volt -30 minutes to recharge 50 % battery

    Level 2 charger – 240 volt takes 6-10 hours to fully charge your car

    Level 1 charger. 120 volt ( home plug). Takes around 4 says to fully charge your Tesla.

  2. Mark 5 years ago

    Wow, that is a really strange place for a Supercharger station, not near a major highway really like most are and in an out of the way place within the development (2nd floor of a garage). We have two Teslas and likely will never use that location (unless the parking garage is crowded and there is nowhere else to park and we could use a charge), but certainly will be great for the people that live at VofF and were wanting to get a Tesla as now they can have a convenient place to charge quickly.

  3. WellIsntThatSpecial 5 years ago

    So the rich that can afford Teslas get the best parking? What’s next, they will be able to bribe their way into good colleges? The Smug is polluting Loudoun.

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      Rich? The Standard Range Model 3 is only $35,000. That’s only slightly higher than the average price of a new car. One need not be “rich” to buy a Tesla. Try educating yourself, to avoid looking so ignorant in the future.

    • Brett 5 years ago

      If you pay attention to where Tesla supercharger parking has been, it is usually the farthest parking available in the actual locations. For example, in Potomac Mills and Springfield mall you have to walk five to ten minutes from the mall entrance to the end of the parking lot where the superchargers are. I have no idea where these chargers would be, but I would expect it and would want it to be similar.

      But it seems like you have pre-existing concerns with other stuff happening in Loudoun though.

  4. timothy 5 years ago

    very strange place for a tesla supercharger. most are near chick filet and target. ps those are the worst parking spaces. there are no good parking places at village of leesburg except the street parking. The Tesla is an amazing car, best car i have ever own. auto drive function is worth it alone but the pickup and video screen are amazing.

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