Exit 2B leads into the Compass Creek development.

It’s not every day that your local highway gets a new exit.

On Wednesday, the new Exit 2B off of the Dulles Greenway/Route 267 will officially open for westbound traffic. Drivers who take 2B will find themselves whisked right into the heart of the new Compass Creek development. That’s where the new Walmart opens on May 22 and the Ion International ice skating facility opens next month.

Image: Peterson Companies

Check out the map above, from the Peterson Companies, the developer of Compass Creek. You can see the new Exit 2B (not marked) in the lower right corner coming off the Greenway. (You can also see the locations of Walmart, Ion, the future At Home store and other proposed retail buildings. To the far right is the future Microsoft campus.)

The new exit is only for traffic headed towards Leesburg and there is no accompanying entrance to the Greenway at 2B.

Cars headed eastbound on the Greenway will have to use Exit 2 at Battlefield Parkway and enter Compass Creek from the entrance at Compass Creek Parkway. Visitors at the center wanting to access the Greenway will also have to use the Battlefield Parkway ramps.

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  1. scooternva 4 years ago

    That ramp has been finished for literally years. Why the delay opening?

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