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New Ashburn Station Sign Stirs Excitement

The new stop on the future Silver Line is taking shape.

Ashburn station sign

Sometimes it’s the little things…

This week, Ashburn resident Joe Goodrich was walking his dog over by the new Ashburn metro station and he snapped a few pictures, including this one showing the new Ashburn Station sign. (Thanks, Joe!)

Last we heard, the Silver Line coming on-line is still a year away, give or take. But there’s something about seeing the familiar metro signage with “Ashburn Station” on it that feels like progress.

Meanwhile, don’t even get us started on the whole name thing. While the restaurant and apartment development next door is called Loudoun Station (where The Zone, Famous Toastery and Starplex theater are), the actual metro stop is named Ashburn Station. Meanwhile, the metro stop over by 606/Old Ox Road is called Loudoun Gateway Station.

No, that’s not going to be confusing at all.

  1. Sharon 3 years ago

    Metro has terrible names. For example, who would know where to go to watch the Caps play? That would be the Gallery Pl-Chinatown station. At least if you’re going to watch the Nats, you would know to get off at the Navy Yard-Ballpark station.

  2. Paulz 3 years ago

    Anything metro is only exciting for those that never or infrequently use it. For us daily riders, everything about metro is an inconvenience or downright painful. My commute to Crystal City is 75 minutes via metro, 45 minutes via Loudoun County commuter bus. Not going to mention the crime, grime, and crowding of the metro….

  3. WisdomGuidedByExperience 3 years ago

    Herding people into mass transit is one way a centralized, command-and-control government can influence/force people to “behave” the way our “betters” think we should behave.

    After all, we’re all too stupid to figure out on our own how to feed, clean and transport ourselves, so somebody from the central government will (at first gently, and eventually forcibly) tell you how to do all of the above “the correct way”.

    See North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela for examples of how well that kind of thinking works.

  4. feathers 3 years ago

    Yes, Metro is stupid. For example, they’ve abbreviated the Silver Line “SV” but we all know it should be “Ag”.

    • D 3 years ago

      Nice, feathers! You’re so LoCo!

  5. Stephen K 3 years ago

    Ma’am this is a Wendy’s. There’s no vast conspiracy behind a subway station.

  6. Anonymous 3 years ago

    I cringe everytime I hear about the Metro in Loudoun. WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY FOR THE COUNTY TO BUY INTO THIS FAILING SYSTEM. As a Loudoun commuter, the time and cost to ride it will not be worth it.

    I avoid METRO except if I want to entertain my children on a ride on a slow train.

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