Some big changes coming to Ashburn’s south side — the Brambleton area specifically — where two well known roads are getting new names.

Effective February 27, the southern section of Evergreen Mills Road will change names to Arcola Mills Drive. The change will impact the stretch from the intersection near Strickland Drive all the way south to Loudoun County Parkway.

Meanwhile, what is currently known as Shreveport Drive will be re-named Evergreen Mills Road.

Imagine you are driving south on Evergreen Mills Road — if you continue southeast on the road, it will become Arcola Mills Drive. However, if you take the bend to the east (onto what was Shreveport Drive), it will stay Evergreen Mills Road all the way to LoCo Parkway.

Take a look at the graphic provided by Loudoun County officials below. It explains it better than we can.

Here’s why the county says the name changes are needed, per a press release: “The road name changes are necessary due to development in the area that resulted in road improvements. The changes reflect a new, continuous alignment of Evergreen Mills Road and will promote easier navigation for the vehicles that travel Evergreen Mills Road, which sees an estimated 20,000 vehicle trips per day. In addition, the road name changes help assure adequate public safety responses.”

New street signs are scheduled to be installed on February 27 as well, if weather allows.