People lined up early today in Purcellville as the folks at Catoctin Creek distillery began offering 6-ounce containers of their custom made hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers have been in short supply at area stores ever since the coronavirus pandemic really took off in March. Shelves at supermarkets and drugstores were quickly cleared of the alcohol-based products.

But alcohol is Catoctin Creek’s specialty. The distillery usually bottles its popular line up of whiskies, gins, brandies and other spririts. But when the coronavirus crisis started, Catoctin Creek switched gears and ramped up their factory to produce hand sanitizer instead.

The first batches of hand sanitizers went to area first responder agencies. And this morning, the distillery began selling the sanitizer to the public from their Purcellville location at 120 West Main Street.

The sanitizer is all being bottled by hand, and so far they have prepared 16,000 bottles worth. They cost $9.49 each and there is a maximum of six 6-ounce containers per family. For more information, check out the details at the Catoctin Creek website here.

Images: Catoctin Creek