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7-Eleven, new restaurants in the works for Guilford Station

The new gas station and convenience store is going up quickly.

A new 7-Eleven store is coming along quickly at the Guilford Station development, under construction off State Road 28 in Sterling. And it looks like some new drive-thru restaurants could be right behind it.

Guilford Station is a huge project underway at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and West Church Road. That’s just across 28 from the Wegmans and Target at the Dulles 28 Centre. A big part of the project is going to be an Enterprise car rental lot. The other confirmed tenant is the new 7-Eleven with a gas station and a convenience store.

The future Enterprise car rental site at Guilford Station.

Meanwhile, documents filed with the county show at least two other potential restaurant sites with drive-thru lanes. And there is a small retail strip center that will also be part of the project. There are other buildings planned for the site as well — their purpose is unclear — possibly office or industrial space.

In this diagram, note the two proposed drive-thru restaurants in the lower left corner and the “retail” building next to them. The building marked Parcel 1 is the new 7-Eleven and the building marked Parcel 2 will be the future Enterprise building. The exact plans for the other parcels shown haven’t been official announced yet. (Image: BF Saul)

The Guilford Station project has been brewing for a long time. The Burn first reported on it three years ago, back in October 2017. The plans appear to have changed some since then, but new restaurants are still in the offing. No official word on what those restaurants might be, so stay tuned.


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  1. Ash Burn 2 years ago

    Thanks for putting the Google Map link. As someone who doesn’t know the entire area by neighborhood names, it’s very helpful to have the map.

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