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Ortho Virginia pursuing large space in Ashburn shopping center

A new medical facility is a little outside of our usual coverage zone, but when said facility takes over a large building in a growing Ashburn shopping center, it’s worth noting.

Based on publicly available documents, it appears OrthoVirginia will take over a new, yet-to-be-built building in the Riverside Commons shopping center on Ashburn’s north side.

Riverside Commons is a shopping plaza north of Route 7 along Riverside Parkway. It’s home to tenants such as the Oak Health Club, a Sheetz convenience store, Texas Roadhouse, Black Hog BBQ, and a soon-to-open Burger King.

The new building planned for a parcel of land near the Burger King is known as Building D and was expected to have several spaces available for new restaurants or retail. However, it now appears that OrthoVirginia will take the entire building, which will be between 11,000-12,000 s.f. once built.

OrthoVirginia is already the largest orthopedics practice in the region, with a dozen or so locations in Northern Virginia. Some of their clients include the Ashburn-based Washington Football Team, the Loudoun United soccer team as well as the DC United soccer team, and the Washington Ballet.

OrthoVirginia has a location at Stone Spring in southern Loudoun, and a north Ashburn location would be their second in the county.

An early layout of Riverside Commons showing the planned buildings. The building that is tentatively slated to become OrthoVirginia is the one on the right side listed as RETAIL 12,580 SF.

There are still a few other parcels of land in Riverside Commons for future buildings, as well as several spaces that are already built but not yet officially leased. So stay tuned — there should more news coming in the future.

(Image at top: OrthoVirginia)



  1. Al 9 months ago

    Man, stay away from Ortho Virginia if you need orthopedic care or surgery. This is a churn n burn shop that will “get to you whenever they get to you.” It was their lack of follow through that cost me precious time in getting a needed bicep surgery. To top it off, they over billed me for my initial appointment and it took over a year to get my refund from them. I finally got it, but not without a threat of legal action.
    Folks, they are not the only game in town. So ask around and do your research before settling on this subpar enterprise.

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