Hanson Regional Park welcomes big crowds for opening ceremony

There was a band playing, speeches being given and a ribbon being cut — but for hundreds of area residents that was just a formality. The new Hal & Berni Hanson Regional Park that debuted tonight was already busy with soccer players, cricket players, joggers, families walking the paths, kids playing on the playgrounds and regular old looky-loos just exploring the new 257-acre park.

The park is located at 22831 Hanson Park Drive. That’s apparently a Leesburg address, but the park is actually located off Evergreen Mills Road southwest of Ashburn. It’s mere minutes from the Brambleton community.

The Burn stopped by for some photos of the action this afternoon. At the bottom of this story, we’ve included a list of all the amenities at Hanson Regional Park. Welcome to the neighborhood!

An honor guard marches at the opening ceremony of Hanson Regional Park.
A splash pad playground at Hanson Regional Park.
A crowd gathered for the opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting at Hanson Regional Park.
A bike rider tackles the skate park at Hanson Regional Park.
The tennis courts double as pickleball courts at Hanson Regional Park.
One of the signs at the entrance to Hanson Regional Park.
A playground at Hanson Regional Park.
A skateboarder performing trick at the skate park at Hanson Regional Park.
Loudoun County’s first designated cricket field was already busy at Hanson Regional Park.
A picnic shelter at Hanson Regional Park.
One of 10 multi-purpose soccer fields at Hanson Regional Park.
An aerial photo of the new Hanson Regional Park. (Image: Loudoun County)
  • Ten multi-purpose soccer fields
  • Four baseball/softball fields
  • Cricket field
  • Four tennis courts/Pickleball courts
  • Two artificial turf fields
  • Outdoor basketball court
  • Two playgrounds with rubberized surface
  • Batting cages
  • Splash pad and playground with inclusive features
  • Skate plaza
  • Grandstands
  • Historic Lee-Hanson House renovation
  • Five ponds and integrated irrigation system
  • Fishing piers
  • Lodge and nature center
  • Picnic pavilions
  • Amphitheater
  • Off-leash areas for dogs
  • Disc golf course
  • Paved and natural surface trails
  • Regional maintenance compound
  • Administrative building
  • Concession/restroom buildings and pavilions


  1. JC 2 years ago

    We went today and once again the parks were filled with people enjoying the new amenities. It’s a shame it opened a bit too late for the kids to enjoy the awesome splash pad, but it’ll be something our family looks forward to next summer. The only thing I wish had been considered was the near total lack of shade for the playgrounds. Nearly all the older trees were removed and the newly planted stick trees will take decades to grow before they do any good.

  2. William G. 2 years ago

    Any idea about the status of the fields? Will any be public use? Are they all going to be for league use only?

    It’s an absolutely beautiful facility! I loved going on Saturday and seeing all the teens playing pick up games like my friends and I used to do years ago. More playing and less screen time is always a win!

    However, a maintenance employee, who was asking a parent not to let their kids enter the field by crawling under the nets (Grr! Come on, man!), also told them that the field was only open for the grand opening weekend and would be closed to the public starting on Monday. Sounds like that’ll be the case for all fields except for the basketball courts and skatepark.

    From what I overheard, it sounded like there will be NO public use fields. So out of 17+, you’re telling me that this was the only weekend that a group of teens can meet up and play a game of soccer or football without being chased off by employees?

    If so, that’s a HUGE disappointment. But tbh, I’d expect nothing less of Loudoun. We don’t build nice park fields here for public use.

  3. Carole A Dennison 2 years ago

    I hope all the residents of Brambleton and Ashburn, Chantilly and South riding …know how fortunate we are to have such an amazing facility….thanks to the Hansons and Loudoun County! I have been waiting since last June for it to open. Sorry it is so late in the year but happy it is able to offer so many no cost recreational opportunities.
    I do have a question. I took my dog over last week and found out the dog park will not be open to the public until next Spring, when the grass is established. I was told there are two off leash areas but the one on Creighton is not in the park and not very popular. Is there another one that is open IN the park?

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